Covid-19 Screening Partner To Essential Businesses
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The Most Efficient Way To Screen Employees for Covid-19 Symptoms

Throughout the shutdown, essential businesses in manufacturing, construction, hospitality, child care, professional services, and many other industries have been using Protect to conduct daily screenings of their staff for symptoms of COVID-19.

As more businesses start to re-open, the Protect employee screening platform is helping them stay compliant with regulations, automate reporting, and speed up the assessment process.

THE Fastest and Safest Way to Pre-SCREEN INDIVIDUALS

Contactless Visitor Screening.

With Protect, your employees can go through pre-screening before they ever leave their home. Once they arrive at your location with a valid assessment, you can scan them into your building in seconds.

Using staff badges? Protect lets you scan people in using their employee badge instead of a QR Code — or enter their information manually if neither option is available.

Fully Flexible To Fit Your Needs

Customizable Steps and Symptom Questionnaire.

Protect lets you completely customize the symptom screening steps to fit your process and stay compliant with your local regulations.

Edit the symptom questionnaire, add a temperature check, edit the step order, control how often the screenings are done, and more.

Eliminate Paperwork

Automatic Reports that Eliminate Paperwork.

Track all visitor assessments automatically: either at the point of entry to your location, or as soon as an individual completes a pre-screening questionnaire.

Protect makes it easy for employers to maintain a log of compliance with the guidelines, and lets you generate instant reports in the event of a failed assessment.

Why Companies Use PROTECT For Screening
Lori Reeves
Chief Operating Officer,
ChildVentures Early Learning Academy

Joining CrowdBlink to partner with us to complete all our daily screenings and temperature checks was a smooth and seamless transition. The online support was extremely helpful with any questions we had to get all 7 of our locations set up and ready to go. From anywhere we can log on to see the stats of any or all centers – when someone fails a screening we get an updated alert and can be prepared to support our team if necessary. We have received positive feedback from our licensing bodies. Absolutely love this system."

Mike Kilby
Dajcor Aluminum Ltd.

Protect was a breeze to set up and it's allowed us to screen all of our employees for COVID-19 daily without slowing things down. With Protect in place, our employees, and local government officials, could see the steps we were putting in place to keep the workplace safe in order to keep operating. We also have a digital record for auditing purposes if needed. Great job CrowdBlink!"

Poonam Gill
Executive Associate,
Christenson Communities Ltd.

CrowdBlink has been a reliable partner to us since day one and continue to support our every need. We were surprised with how easy the onboarding experience has been and have been able to screen all nine of our communities 24/7. Overall, we continue to have a great experience with them, therefore I strongly recommend CrowdBlink Protect.

CB Protect Is Built To Fit Any Industry's Needs and Regulatory Requirements

Worker Screening for Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Food Service, Offices, and Other Essential Businesses.

Why Protect:


COVID-19 Screening for Employers

Customizable Questionnaire

Employers can customize the symptom questionnaire to match what their regional and industry guidelines require of them. Add temperature checks, and control who conducts the assessment (employee or employer) as well.

Easy-to-use Administrative Portal

CB Protect is easy to use, with a drag-and-drop administrative portal for employers that lets you get up and running in minutes. Invite additional administrators and assign specific managers to a corresponding location at no additional cost.

Infrastructure for Millions of Screenings

Protect's screening solution runs on infrastructure that has processed access-control for more than 24 million event patrons to date.

Alert System for Failed Assessments

With our built-in alerts, you can add anyone from your business to receive an instant notification in the event of a failed assessment.

Fastest Way to Screen Employees

Simply put, Protect is the fastest way you can screen employees for symptoms of Covid-19 at your business. Either scan people in at the door, have them conduct self-assessments and pull aggregate reports, or do both.

Intuitive App for Employees

Protect's screening app is flexible and user-friendly — your staff will be able to conduct a self-assessment with their own Android or iOS device, and still have the option to screen-in at the door manually if they don't have a phone or employee badge.

$49/month per location or entry point. Unlimited number of individuals assessed.