Social Gathering Limits and Event Restrictions in Canada (September 2020)

October 11, 2020

The data and map here shows and overview of all of the event and social gathering restrictions across Canada. The data is prepared using the guidelines issued by every province and territory, and is current to end of September, 2020.

The guidelines in Canada have been fairly strict, with all provinces and territories disallowing most events of more than 100 or slightly more people.


Canada's Event Restrictions: Overview map

This map shows event restriction ranges within which every province and territory in Canada falls under. (For a larger image go here)

Social gathering and event limits by each province and territory in Canada


Indoor: 50 people max.

Outdoor: 200 people max.

Alberta is in Stage 2, and is allowing up to 200 people to attend an event provided that it is outdoors and social distancing rules are followed.

(Alberta Source)

British Columbia

B.C. has limited all social gatherings to 50 people maximum.

(B.C. Source)


Indoor: 50 people max.

Outdoor: 100 people max.

(Manitoba Source)

New Brunswick

Social gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited in New Brunswick.

(New Brunswick Source)


Both indoor and outdoor gatherings are limited to 50 people max.

(Newfoundland Source)

Nova Scotia

Indoor gatherings: limited to 250 people.

Outdoor gatherings: limited to 50.

(Nova Scotia Source)


Indoor gatherings: 10-person max.

Outdoor gatherings: 50-person max.

(Nunavut Source)

North West Territories

Indoor gatherings: 25-person max.

Outdoor gatherings: 50-person max.

(NWT Source)


Indoor: 10 people maximum.

Outdoor: 25 people maximum.

Note: Ontario has recently lowered the maximum allowed gathering numbers (previously 50 and 100 indoors and outdoors respectively) due to a spike in new cases.

(Ontario Source)

Prince Edward Island

Indoor: 15-person maximum.

Outdoor: 20-person maximum.

(PEI Source)


Québec is allowing some venues to host up to 250 people, assuming that appropriate safety measures are followed.

Limit: 250

(Québec Source)


Maximum of 30 people allowed to gather either indoors or outdoors.

(Saskatchewan Source)


Indoor gatherings: maximum 50 people.

Outdoor gatherings: maximum 100 people.

(Yukon Source)


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