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Introducing CrowdBlink Protect, COVID-19 screening for businesses and events

June 2, 2020

In the immediate response to COVID-19, we’ve seen industries rapidly re-tool to help the fight against COVID-19, whether it was breweries switching to producing hand sanitizer or clothing companies creating face masks for health care providers. Here at Intellitix and CrowdBlink we are not in an industry where we could produce things like hand sanitizer or face masks, however we knew we were in a position to help with our technology expertise and experience helping organizations manage crowds and access control in, what most would agree are, elevated-risk environments.

Over the past two months, we’ve worked to create CrowdBlink Protect. Protect is a screening and health & safety platform that has been deployed at essential businesses to help them screen their employees for symptoms of COVID-19. Throughout this pandemic there have been a number of organizations that have had to operate, without the option of shutting down their operations, whether that’s construction projects, food processing plants, or retirement and long-term care homes. The challenge was, how can these essential businesses continue to operate through the pandemic, in a safe way, while doing everything reasonably possible to keep their employees safe, their customers safe, and their community safe.

CrowdBlink Protect has already been deployed at the multi-billion dollar LAX airport expansion project, as well as a number of manufacturing and long term care facilities where it is being used on a daily basis to screen each person entering these workplaces for COVID-19 symptoms. The result? By using CrowdBlink Protect, these organizations are ensuring that nobody who is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 is entering the workplace, as well as maintaining an automatic log of results to enable contact tracing in the event of a positive result. Combined with other established best practices, such as the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and social distancing measures, we’ve been able to help these essential organizations continue to operate in a safe manner through this pandemic.

How does the COVID-19 screening solution work?

The COVID-19 situation has introduced a need to screen individuals before they enter a workplace, but it doesn’t simply stop there. There need to be records of these screenings maintained, they need to be associated with individuals, and the screening process can’t be so burdensome that it disrupts the operations of these businesses. That’s why we created CrowdBlink Protect to be: easy, light-weight, and fast. How does it work? The solution is customizable by the business deploying it, but currently it typically looks like this:

  1. An assessor uses the CrowdBlink Protect application to scan an individual’s employee ID (usually a barcode, or QR code, that’s already been issued but sometimes it’s simply a manual entry of a name or company).
  2. The assessor conducts a symptom and risk assessment (e.g. sore throat, new cough, recent travel or exposure to an infected individual).
  3. The assessor records the individual’s temperature, checking for a fever.
  4. The information is submitted and a PASS or FAIL result is presented depending on the responses.

This entire process takes an average of 10 seconds to complete, and the results are all automatically logged in an auditable database.

CrowdBlink Protect mobile application being used to screen for symptoms of COVID-19 by a business.
Example of CrowdBlink Protect configured for a business to screen employees for symptoms and risk of COVID-19.

CrowdBlink Protect means no need to use pen and paper, or physically store the records, not to mention that reports are always accessible without having to dig through physical paperwork. And in the instance that someone does test positive, CrowdBlink Protect plays a crucial part in allowing an organization to contact trace who else could have been exposed in the workplace, take the appropriate steps, and minimize operational disruptions.

How will live events screen for COVID-19?

The past few weeks have already seen strong adoption of CrowdBlink Protect in these essential industries, and we’re happy to be able to play a part in the immediate COVID-19 response. We’ve also seen State governments rolling out new legislation as a part of their reopening plans, for example Kentucky and New Mexico have outlined new requirements for all businesses which are allowed to reopen to conduct a daily health screening of their employees or they are not eligible to operate.

We believe that these regulations on how these businesses are allowed to operate are a preview of what will be required of live events when they are allowed to return. It’s not likely an event gathering 5,000 people is going to be subject to more relaxed requirements than we are seeing of businesses today.

While our immediate focus has been on supporting these essential businesses to help them run safely, we are of course always looking at what this means for the event industry, and that’s why we’ve already begun to integrate CrowdBlink Protect into the Intellitix and CrowdBlink access control and cashless payment event technology solutions.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the inbound requests for cashless payments as event organizers begin looking to the future of how to run their events when that time comes. It’s clear to us that events will be different as a result of COVID-19, and we’ve been working with a select group of our partners in the event industry to help establish the best way for events to run in a safe manner. A part of that solution is going to be effective screening of attendees, and CrowdBlink Protect will be there to help organizers meet these new requirements.

CrowdBlink Protect is currently available and already being used at a number of businesses across the United States and Canada. We will be sharing more details of how exactly this solution fits in with an events access control and ticketing systems in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we are always here to help and if you have any questions you can always contact us via our website. We are seeing a large surge of inquiries, so we do apologize for a slightly longer than usually response time.

For more information visit the CrowdBlink Protect COVID-19 overview here and to speak to someone about deploying CrowdBlink Protect at your event or business please direct inquiries to CrowdBlink by clicking here.


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