Social Gathering and Event Restrictions in Europe (October 2020)

October 11, 2020

The social gathering limits and event restrictions throughout Europe have varied heavily.

Updated for October, 2020, the map and data below provides a bird's-eye overview of the different restrictions for each country in Europe. This includes the maximum number of event and social gathering attendees allowed both outdoors and indoors.

Since there are no uniform, official categories for the different restriction numbers, the categories below are presented for illustration purposes only.

The map is updated based on the most recent and authoritative sources where available.


Overview map of event restrictions in Europe

Social Gathering and Event Restriction Map for Europe, October 2020
For a larger image of this map, go here.

Event restrictions and social gathering limits in Europe, country-by-country


All cultural events and large social gatherings have been cancelled. Sporting events cannot have any spectators. Mask wearing is mandatory in indoor spaces.

(Albania Limits Source)


Indoor: Social gathering is restricted to 10 people

Outdoor: Up to 15 people are allowed to gather

(Andorra Source)


Indoor: Up to 1,500 with assigned seating. Maximum 50 people without assigned seating.

Outdoor: Up to 3,000 with assigned seating. Up to 100 without assigned seating.


Social distancing guidelines and safety guidelines in place, however no explicit restrictions issued about maximum numbers of people at a social gathering.

(Belarus Source)


When it comes to official, organized events, Belgium has restricted the maximum number of attendees to 200 if indoors and 400 outdoors.

In cases of non-organized social gatherings, a maximum of 4 people from different family units are allowed to gather together.

(Belgium Restrictions Source)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Indoor and Outdoor: Maximum 50 people are allowed to gather.

(Bosnia and Herzegovina Source)


Indoor and Outdoor: Gatherings limited to max 30 individuals.

(Bulgaria Source)


No fixed limit in place, however any event organizers planning gatherings with more than 100 people must register the event with authorities.

Masks are mandatory.

(Croatia Social Gathering Source)


Gatherings are prohibited to no more than 50 individuals.

(Cyprus Source)

Czech Republic

Indoor: Maximum 10 people allowed to gather.

Outdoor: Maximum 20 people allowed to gather.

(Czech Republic Restrictions Source)


Indoor and Outdoor Maximums: 50-person gathering limits.

(Denmark Source)


Indoor: Max 750-person gatherings, OR 50% capacity for certain venues

Outdoor: Max 2,000-person events

(Estonia Gathering Regulations)


Indoor: Max 50 persons

Outdoor: Max 50 persons

(Finland Source)


Restrictions depend on which zone you are in. For the most part, both indoor and outdoor gatherings are restricted to 30 people maximums.

Upper limit for certain venues (stadiums, race tracks) is capped at 1,000 people.

(France Source)


All events with more than 20 people indoors or 50 people outdoors require the collection of attendee contact information. If information is collected, the limits may be extended to:

Indoor gatherings: 1,000 people max

Outdoor gatherings: 5,000 people max

(Germany Source)


Indoor and outdoor gatherings limited to 50 people max.

(Greece Source)


Family events and weddings can have up to 200 people gather.

Outdoor cultural events may take place, as long as epidemiological recommendations are followed, and only 1 in 4 seats are being occupied.

(Hungary Source)


Indoor and outdoor gatherings can have up to a maximum of 20 people.

(Iceland Source)


Indoor gatherings: 6 people but from no more than 3 different households

Outdoor gatherings: 15 people max

(Ireland Source)


Gatherings are prohibited. Masks are mandatory when outside 6pm to 6am where there is a risk of gathering.

(Italy Source)


Indoor maximum: 1,000 people

Outdoor maximum: 3,000 people

(Latvia Source)


When electronic tickets and registration is in place, there are no restrictions on the number of participants at an event.

Without electronic registration: a maximum of 300 persons can attend an event.

(Lithuania Source)


A maximum of 10 people may gather indoors or outdoors.

Public gatherings of more than 10 people require assigned seats and strict social distancing.

(Luxembourg Source)


Indoor and outdoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of 15 people.

(Malta Source)


Gatherings of more than 50 people are prohibited.

Public parks are open, but people are discouraged from gathering in groups of more than 3.

(Moldova Source)


Gatherings of more than 5 people either outdoors or at home are prohibited.

(Monaco Source)


Indoor cultural gatherings: maximum of 50 people.

Outdoor cultural gatherings: maximum 100 people.

(Montenegro Source)


Indoor: a maximum of 100 people when social distancing is being practiced, without requiring a pre-health check.

Outdoor: max 250 persons with no reservations or no pre-health check.

(Netherlands Source)

North Macedonia

There seem to be no fixed limits on events, however social distancing and mask wearing must be practiced.

(Macedonia Source)


In private, a maximum of 20 people are allowed to gather.

In public spaces, the limit is extended to 200 individuals.

(Norway source)


Gathering restrictions are different depending on which of three zones the region falls into.

Green zone: no maximum outdoor, 50% capacity indoor.

Yellow zone: 100 max people outdoors, 25% capacity indoor.

Red zone: 50 max people outdoors, 25% capacity indoor.

(Poland Source)


Social gatherings are limited to 10 people max.

(Portugal Source)


Indoor: max 50 people.

Outdoor: max 100 people.

(Romania Source)


Social gatherings are limited to 50 individuals maximum.

(Russia Source)


Outdoor and indoor gatherings are limited to 30 people maximum.

(Serbia Source)


The maximum number of attendees allowed to gather for a cultural event is 1,000 people, provided that seating is done in every second row.

(Slovakia Source)


Social gatherings are limited to 10 people. This can be extended to 50, provided that the host knows the attendees and they can be contacted.

(Slovenia Source)


No more than 10 people are permitted to gather at a time.

(Spain Source)


Social gatherings are limited to 50 individuals maximum.

(Sweden Source)


Social gatherings are allowed to take place with up to a maximum of 1,000 people, provided that contact tracing is taking place. Starting October 1st, event organizers can apply to have the limit extended.

(Switzerland Source)


Social gatherings are limited to 50 people both outdoors and indoors.

(Ukraine Source)

United Kingdom

With limited exceptions, social gathering limits are set at a maximum of 6 people.

(United Kingdom Source)


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