Mike Kilby
Dajcor Aluminum Ltd.

CrowdBlink Protect was a breeze to set up and it's allowed us to screen all of our employees for COVID-19 daily without slowing things down. With Protect in place, our employees, and local government officials, could see the steps we were putting in place to keep the workplace safe in order to keep operating. We also have a digital record for auditing purposes if needed. Great job CrowdBlink!"

Poonam Gill
Executive Associate,
Christenson Communities Ltd.

CrowdBlink has been a reliable partner to us since day one and continue to support our every need. We were surprised with how easy the onboarding experience has been and have been able to screen all nine of our communities 24/7. Overall, we continue to have a great experience with them, therefore I strongly recommend CrowdBlink Protect.

Easy Way to Start COVID Screening at Your Business

From construction, manufacturing, retirement/senior care facilities, child care centres, office buildings, and more - CB Protect is the easy & affordable solution to help you keep your community safe.

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The screening features you need

Fully Customizable

Easily customize the questions, steps required (such as whether you're checking temperatures or scanning IDs), and more using drag-and-drop.

Plug and Play

Getting started is easy, create your account and you can begin screening within minutes. No set-up fees and you're always in control.

Reliable and Secure

CrowdBlink technology has processed access control for over 24 MILLION people and Protect utilizes the latest and greatest in security infrastructure.

Advanced Reporting

Access reporting dashboards from the admin console at any time, for a view into screening results by location, result or export your data at any time.

Super Fast

The fastest way to conduct health and safety screenings, with the average assessment taking only 12 seconds. Safety doesn't have to be slow.

User Friendly

Protect is designed to be easy to use whether you're using the self-assessment option or conducting centralized screenings.

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Frequently asked

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is simple and transparent: $49/screener/month. What is a "screener"? A screener is the individual which is either an administrator or conducting the assessment of people walking up to them or scanning the QR codes of those that have completed a "self-assessment".

If you're planning to use self-assessments with no screener you would need 1 screener license per location.

You do not pay for each individual which completes the assessment. You could have one screener at one location and you would pay only $49/month regardless of whether they screen 10 or 10,000 people.

Need a large number of screeners or locations? Contact us for a custom quote.

How do you secure the data?

Protect is built on modern, industrial grade infrastructure and utilizes multiple forms and layers of encryption to keep your data safe. Our AWS cloud server infrastructure is the same that is trusted by healthcare organizations to store patient records, Fortune 500 companies, and even government agencies to store "Top Secret" information.

Each client's database information is hosted on its own instance, meaning that one customer's database information isn't being "mixed in" with that of another customer.

Additionally, personally identifiable information (PII) is never stored alongside the assessment data in the same database. This separation of the data doesn't affect your user experience but it does add an additional layer of protection.

Who conducts the actual assessment?

Protect is flexible and supports two primary methods of operating. Some organizations use "centralized assessments". For example, a security guard may be stationed outside a construction sites entrance to conduct screenings. Only the screener uses the Protect app in this case with individuals simply walking up to him.

The other option is called "self assessments". In this instance, a child care center for example, could provide their Location ID to all parents. The parents would each use the Protect mobile application to fill out the assessment questionnaire which will provide them with a scannable QR code. Upon arriving to the child care center, having completed the self-assessment a screener would simply scan the QR code and see the PASS or FAIL result of the assessment.

If an individual arrives at a location using "self assessments" without the application, or not having completed the assessment, the screener is able to conduct the assessment the same way as they would in the "centralized assessment" version.

Do I pay per individual scanned?

No, you are only charged per screener and there is no additional charge regardless of whether that screener assesses 10 or 10,000 individuals.

Are there any set-up fees or hidden costs?

No. We believe in simple, and transparent pricing. There are no hidden set-up fees, or usage charges, and you're free to upgrade, or downgrade, as you wish.